Chapter Eighteen: NSW Police, Jannawi, FACS – Tax dollars wasted?

“Of course I am minimising my tax, and if anybody in this country doesn’t minimise their tax, they want their heads read… because as a government- I can tell you – you’re not spending it that well that we should be donating extra.”     Kerry Packer, 1991 whilst appearing before a House of Representatives Select Committee.

Hysteria* (see note after intro) is defined by one reputable online dictionary as ‘state of uncontrolled excitement, anger or panic’. (

What I’m talking about when I use this word in the context of this chapter is hysteria about male violence caused by the surge of one-sided media attention on domestic violence (DV) in recent years. In my experience, this has resulted in the blind belief that a man is automatically responsible for/guilty of any charges brought against him related to a domestic dispute during a divorce – even in cases where there is no evidence of the male’s guilt, or even loads of evidence in his favour. It can not only involve people believing unfounded accusations where it’s clearly in the accuser’s interest to present you as a criminal, but even result in authorities working together to “stitch you up” in the absence of any proof, as the cops did to me.

I suffered the effects of this particular hysteria, as I call it, at the hands of the Police, my paediatric specialist, my son’s rather inept psychologist from Rivendell, a mental health facility connected to Concord Hospital, a child protection service called Jannawi, Jannawi’s mates at Family and Community Services (FACS) Lakemba and, I believe, the Family Court itself.

I’m going to take a look at the funding for Jannawi and FACS and who FACS choose to advise them on their approach to DV. I have two AVOs and a Stalk/Intimidate charge all a result of my ex Lea’s seemingly excellent bullshitting skills. As a result I’ve been branded a perpetrator of DV despite never having commited any violence on my family, and I believe our community’s attitude towards DV has impacted my journey through my divorce.

We’ll also take a look at a few DV stats and test my theory that our community is being fed a bunch of lies about DV by the “DV Industry”.

How did we get here?

The Cops

What has become of our society when a bloke can be stitched up with a couple of bogus AVOs resulting in a massive loss of wealth and a partial loss of access to his children? When a bloke can be charged and convicted with the act of Stalk/Intimidate when he has NEVER been interviewed by the police that charged him? It’s almost as though all blokes are assumed to be guilty and have to prove their innocence.

Those cops knew that Lea was a liar. They knew that Lea had committed crimes against me. They had way more proof of her guilt than they did of mine. They worked vigorously to cover up her crimes and just as hard to stitch me up.

Remember that I was never accused of violence, I had no criminal record and I was 52 years old. I was hardly a threat to society. I’d guess that the police wasted over $100,000 of police resources on stitching me up. At times, I thought that there must be an element of hysteria behind their decision to do so. There was nothing logical, nor was there anything reminiscent of common sense in their decision making. Not that I could see. Not a lot of their actions were within the law also. It leaves me wondering how many actual sex offenders they may have taken off the streets, had they spent the same resources on catching actual criminals.

This hysteria had spread over two local area commands (LACs). They have since amalgamated into one LAC, so I guess that they were as thick as thieves for some time prior to that. They may have had a “you stitch up our innocent male and I’ll stitch up yours” kinda deal. 

The Paediatric Specialist

I have similar feelings towards my paediatric specialist. I say this knowing that she had a very sound knowledge of my youngest daughter’s mental state before Lea suggested that I was abusing her. At this point my daughter had been playing up in kindergarten for most of the year. We employed a child psychologist to help her. The paediatric specialist was involved in the process. The paediatric specialist had seen written reports about my daughter from the psychologist. Given her experience with our family, the paediatric specialist’s behaviour later on after Lea implied that I diddled my own daughter seemed completely unwarranted and unsubstantiated.

She must have known that nothing had happened, because my daughter’s temperament hadn’t changed at all since the specialist’s earlier contact with her, if anything, it had improved. Yet she doggedly persisted in getting my children admitted into Jannawi. Incidentally, she had never heard of Jannawi until Lea told her about it.

It’s almost as though the paediatric specialist and Lea conspired to get Lea a better deal in the divorce settlement. I can’t imagine that she held any real fear that my daughters were being interfered with. The simple act of keeping Jannawi a secret from me (a rule imposed by Lea and Jannawi themselves) was enough to give my middle child separation anxiety for about three years.

Had either of my daughters suffered sexual assault by me it would have caused unknown amounts of very obvious damage. That damage would have resulted in clear changes in behaviour in my daughters. Yet this paediatric specialist persisted in assisting my ex with her bullshit abuse story. If you’re a father and you recognise the style of the reports from the paediatric specialist I’m talking about (there’s a couple of heavily redacted versions in Chapter 11, you should get the drift), get your kids the fuck away from her NOW!

Again I felt like there must have been a level of hysteria in my paediatric specialist’s thinking. Against all the proof available to her (and there was heaps) she persisted in trying to get me to agree that my children should be allowed into Jannawi. I opposed my children going to Jannawi at every turn. Lea took them anyway. My children still haven’t recovered from their time at Jannawi.

The Psychologist at Rivendell

The psychologist at Rivendell displayed similar behaviour. After Lea had her secret meeting with this specialist, she always spoke to me in a condescending fashion. She also took Lea’s  side on the AVO, something I find morally repugnant, given that she was treating our son and there was not a shred of evidence that Lea’s claims in the AVO were correct.

I used to love it when we used to attend meetings together. My son would mostly sit on my lap, not behaviour consistent with a child who was being beaten by his dad, I used to think. But it wasn’t enough to show the high-ranking psychologist that my wife was a liar. Lea would interrupt my sentences, often yelling, so often during these meetings that they started interviewing us separately.

Once I asked the psychologist about her prior knowledge of the AVO and she screamed her answer to me, twice. Neither the psychologist nor Lea could conduct themselves with an ounce of dignity. I made sure that I NEVER raised my voice in that facility. I’m not much for screaming at people anyway.

Dr Basil the psychiatrist from Rivendell was the only professional woman in the proceedings that I believe saw through the whole thing. I base all of my assumption on the nature of her handshake. It was very firm for a small lady and lingered a millisecond too long to be a casual goodbye. I’ve shaken hands with blokes that I know thought I was lower than a snake’s belly. You can tell. A bloke knows.  There’ve been oodles of studies on handshakes. For shits and giggles here’s one or two:

There is also the fact that I must have come off looking like a caring father, because I am. I never raised my voice, my son spent most of his time on my lap while Lea interrupted every sentence that I commenced – which did nothing for his anxiety, the root cause of his OCD. After all of this (and it’s now 2020), I’ve developed a serious aversion to female medical professionals – with the exception of Dr Basil.

FACS and Jannawi (collusion?)

Holistic. Definition. “characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”.

My Alternate Definition. “A term often used by organisations claiming to be working with families in the interests of child welfare but who are, on a practical level, more interested in helping women get the upper hand in their divorce”.

This is the bit that spiked my interest and led to this chapter. FACS Lakemba work closely with Jannawi. “Someone,” told FACS Lakemba that my children were being abused. Lea had directly accused me of bashing my own children and implied that I had diddled my daughters. I’m guessing that is was either Lea or her mates at Jannawi that advised FACS that my children were at risk. FACS Lakemba told me that they had a very close working relationship with Jannawi. Some eight months after control of my children’s mental health was seized by Jannawi, FACS rang me up to try and schedule a “sit down” between us. I refused on account of the fact that Jannawi had asked my children direct and leading questions in an attempt to stitch me up as a paedophile.

Around the same time, Jannawi’s director rang me up to speak to me about my children (albeit for about 90 seconds), which seemed odd. Jannawi never answered any of my communications. However, the head counsellor wrote an open letter suggesting that the children had been referred to Jannawi by the paediatric specialist. It’s clear that Jannawi have no regard for legal procedure, as it should be obvious to the reader that I never gave my permission for the children to go there. This desire to include me came very late in the peace.  I started to think that they were trying to show some half-arsed respect for a protocol that they should have been following from the start. I checked their annual report to see who funds them. The full report can be found here:

This is a copy of page 14 of their 2019 annual report:

Jannawi’s main sources of income are a Families NSW Grant @ $154,000 and an EIPP Grant @ $421,000. Both are from FACS. That’s a total of $575,000 of your tax money to fund an organisation that is clearly running an extremely gender biased agenda. For my contribution to the $575,000 in taxpayer’s money, I didn’t even get a single letter returned.

No one from the facility spoke to me about my children until they’d been attending for eight months. In addition, they held my son back from proper psychological counselling for his OCD for the better part of 18 months, resulting in emotional damage that’s still apparent in 2020.

None of their claims of spousal or child abuse were ever proven; in fact, they were exposed as false accusations by FACS. Despite that, Jannawi still refused to release my son so he could get proper mental health care. Lea knew that I wanted to get our boy to a proper psychologist ASAP and used his “incarceration” at Jannawi as a bargaining tool. Lea would only agree to release our boy into proper psychological care if I signed 100 per cent of the responsibility for his health over to her. That way, I wouldn’t be able to get a hold of any of Jannawi’s records to expose their dirty little secrets any further.

If you Google Families NSW Grant, you’ll get a page from FACS with no specific information on grants.

If you Google EIPP Grant, you will not find much more. It would appear that there are no set rules about how the beneficiaries of these grants spend the money. EIPP does appear to stand for Early Intervention Prevention Program.

I did find this little gem from Jannawi’s web site:

EIPP Jannawi family Program.jpg

This does explain why they hold a good reputation amongst some legal professionals. Jannawi was one of the first child protection services in Australia. These sort of services love to bandy around the word “holistic”. They’re (and almost all others) anything but holistic.

Remember my children were inducted in secrecy and Jannawi knew it was against my will, My children were asked extremely offensive direct and leading questions in an attempt to stitch me up as a paedophile (personally I think that’s child abuse in itself). After my son threatened to commit suicide there, they simply brought him back the following week.  Jannawi refused to release my children, denying them proper psychological counselling (FYI they don’t even pretend to treat OCD). They took eight months to get around to making a 90 second phone call to tell me my middle child was all about grief and loss, something they never cured.

The grief and loss was brought about by her being forced to attend Jannawi in the first place without my knowledge or consent. It seriously started the same week that my children were told to keep Jannawi a secret from me.

They initiated a FACS investigation which I believe was simply designed to embarrass me at my kids’ school. Nothing came of it. This cleared me of any suggestion that I had been involved in abuse in the eyes of FACS. Not so in the rumour mill at my kids school. More on FACS later.

Jannawi then hung on to my children so that Lea could use them as a negotiating tool to get 100 per cent custody of their health care. Apparently she didn’t share my enthusiasm for curing my sons’ OCD, and was happy to wait until I’d met her demands before releasing him and enabling him to be cured/treated. How’s that for Child Protection?

My prolonged point is that Jannawi are using around $575,000 of tax payers’ money each year to assist women in getting a better divorce settlement. They don’t appear in the least bit interested in healing the children. They’re anything but “holistic”. They’re all about excluding men altogether. Even after all of Lea’s accusations were disproven by FACS, my son was still not allowed to get treatment for his OCD. I know numerous people who work in this industry and no one ever checks that these services are doing what they’re paid to. Our government has a great habit of handing out money to fake child care centres, fake hair and makeup schools and corrupt Child Protection Services with no checks and balances.

At this point, I should say that I never spoke to Jannawi personally about my son’s OCD. I did mention his ADHD/OCD to their good mates at FACS Lakemba, who should have passed it on. I’ve no doubt that Jannawi would have seen it in some form of medical record. Lea would also have told them. I feared talking to Jannawi would give them an excuse to make up all sorts of lies about what I’d said. The open letter Jannawi wrote is full of lies. I believe that if you hijack someone’s mental health like some sort of outlaw motorcycle gang, you should be certain that you have all the relevant facts at hand to ensure that the individual is returned unharmed. Particularly if you’re misappropriating taxpayer funds as you do so.

Trying to stitch me up as a paedophile and refusing to talk to me is no way to glean the relevant information. Jannawi set themselves up to fail and my children suffered in the end.

I’d continue my rant about Jannawi being hysterical but I sensed that they were much more cold and calculating than that. They’d dealt with guys like me many times before. I got the feeling that they weren’t hysterical about DV. They were going through the motions. I sensed that they weren’t reacting to hysteria but were all about fucking blokes over…slowly.

So at this point I still had no idea why FACS tried to get me to talk with Jannawi or why Jannawi decided to make a 90 second phone call to me after they had been counselling my kids for 8 months to tell me what they’d figured out about my kids. I’d speculate that Jannawi have a program that FACS provide funds for and part of that program means being “holistic” and (probably for the sake of Lea’s next court appearance) they wanted to appear holistic. Perhaps they’re fine with seizing control of your child’s mental health without your consent but they draw the line at not contacting you for at least a minute or so each year to discuss your kids?

I wrote to FACS, who fund Jannawi, and FACS couldn’t be stuffed dealing with my problems. I started looking into FACS. They’re actually worse than Jannawi.


The reason that I’m going down this rabbit hole is that I believe that what happened to me and my children in the Family Court was largely based on hysteria. That’s the belief that the accused male is always guilty. I’m no more a perpetrator of DV than my ex wife, probably less so. I copped a stalking charge for things like drawing a Hitler moustache on my wife’s photo and using the word Cunt in an SMS. I think getting charged with a crime like Stalking because you used the word Cunt is an example of a system that’s hysterical, in a bad way.  What I learnt about FACS helps explain in some small way how that hysteria can manifest in a big organisation and possibly cross contaminate other organisations.

If you’re to believe the average media outlet in this country, there shouldn’t be enough hospitals in this nation to deal with all the female DV victims who are are from every part of Australia. You’d also believe that there are no male victims, or so few it’s not worth mentioning. The party line from the DV industry seems to be that every man is guilty of offending, largely due to their “bad attitudes”, few or no men are victims and women are never to blame. During my divorce it seemed that every person I met thought the above sentence was correct. No doubt that’s partly because mainstream media reinforces the message regularly.

Let’s look at the money FACS are playing with.

According to the FACS annual budget 2018/2019 found here:

FACS receives the better part of 7 BILLION dollars a year to help those in need. Numbers like that make me think that it may all be taken very seriously. After all, that’s so much taxpayer money. There’s no actual figure for DV expenditure. Google it and you’ll get nothing. They claim to spend 339 or so million on “prevention and early intervention for individuals, children and families”. That sounds like DV to me. I could be wrong. They spend a further 1.2 billion on housing the needy/at risk. There’s gotta be some DV money in that total also, not all of it though. It’s hard to say exactly what FACS spend on DV each year but I think saying $300 million wouldn’t be a stretch simply based on the  information in the link above.

It’s not easy to get to but whilst browsing the very confusing web site I came across this page. Search “organisations” in their web page search facility and it doesn’t come up.

It appears a budget of close to 7 billion in general and around $300 million on DV specifically means that FACS uses just two organisations to offer direction on how to solve the problem of DV. One of the organisations is Women NSW who, as the name suggests, advocate strictly for the Women of NSW. They’re a NSW Government Organisation.

Here’s their home page:

Women NSW have a DV hotline for men but it’s only for men who are perpetrators. They offer no support for male victims of DV though they do acknowledge that they do exist. If you ring their perpetrators hotline they will apologetically refer you to someone else’s hotline for victims.

FACS themselves, despite the organisations that they take advice from, do have a support line for male victims of DV.

The second organisation is DV NSW. This group is the “peak body” (that means a representative body) for “a diverse range of specialist and domestic family violence services”. Here’s their website.

They claim that they operate from a feminist/social justice perspective. That seems odd to me as they represent “a diverse range of specialist and domestic family violence services”. One presumes that these diverse services aren’t all that diverse because they’d have to be feminist wouldn’t they? I’ll bet none of them are diverse enough to provide DV assistance to anyone with a penis. Furthermore how do they fit feminism with social justice? Will a feminist help a bloke who needs social justice at the expense of a feminist? That’d be like a female cop NOT giving an angry ex wife an AVO against her former partner because the cop knew that the angry ex wife was only getting the AVO so she could gain an advantage over the former partner in a divorce. I’m not sure that ever happens.

They have a link to an appalling video that’s total rubbish and a spectacular example of man bashing. If you watch knowing that this is one of two organisations that advise FACS, you’ll understand why I think that we’re dealing with hysteria. I’ve not seen such gender biased rubbish in my life. Furthermore it’s aimed at children. It’s perverse and sick. Keep a bucket handy.

For another perspective here’s a link to a report by the Australian Institute of health and Welfare 2019 – View PDF below

FYI The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare are federally funded. Here’s an excerpt from the summary on page 9.

Stable rates of Partner violence.jpg

The “DV Industry” has been playing with budgets like $300 million dollars a year for 15 years now and partner rates of violence remain stable? I have to ask, are they taking their jobs seriously? Should they rethink their strategy? Are they just spending their money on creating hysteria and not solving the issue? How much have they spent on man bashing cartoons?

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2019 Report on Family Domestic and sexual violence has found that men are victims of DV in 6.1% of cases (that’s in the summary on page 7).

Here’s another report by the Australian Institute of Criminology: View PDF below

The Australian Institute of Criminology’s 2019 report found that on a mean average, men are victims of DV in 17% of cases (you can find that in the summary on page 5).

You could take the time to look at this website.

It’s loaded with data and very reliant upon statistics and claims that a whopping 33% of DV victims are men. It’s easy to think it’s all rubbish if their stats weren’t taken from surveys run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the like. I’m not going to say more about this well-researched website and its claims because it’s privately run and they don’t feed 7 billion dollars a year into FACS.

Let’s get back to The Australian Institute of Criminology report. By the way The Australian Institute of Criminology is run by the Federal government, the same people who fund FACS. This report looks at the following reasons as causes of DV (it’s around page 11):


Indigenous status


Socio economic status, 

Mental health


Drug use, 

Prior offending.

I just want to compare that what DV NSW, one of the two organisations steering the 7 billion-dollar-a-year organisation that is FACS say about causes or cures for DV:

DV NSW commit to:

Challenge stereotypes

Call out sexist attitudes

Speak out if we hear excuses for violence or victim blaming

Spread the word that violence is never an option or a solution and there is NO excuse

Acknowledge respect and equality when we see it

Celebrate our role models

You can find that web page here:

DV NSW seem, to me, to be more about correcting men’s attitudes than tackling complex issues like mental health, poverty and drug use. I’d rather see my money spent on assisting a perpetrator with his mental health and drug and alcohol issues than “calling out sexist attitudes”. Sadly my money IS spent on calling out sexist attitudes, because DV NSW are one of the two organisations that advise FACS on DV. DV NSW are partly funded by FACS.

Neither of the two DV Organisations that FACS employ for advice appear to do anything to help perpetrators with drug and alcohol and mental health issues. Women’s NSW do have a number that you can call if you are a perpetrator but that’s as good as it gets.

I searched the DV NSW website but couldn’t find any statistical data to back up the claims made in their male bashing cartoon.

Neither Womens NSW or the Aust Institute of Health and Welfare report have much in the way of causes of DV.

FACS are utilising two groups to advise them on how to tackle DV. Both groups practically ignore the fact that men are victims. Their focus is solely on women.  Worse still DV NSWs appalling cartoon appears to try and demonise men. Both organisations and indeed FACS ignore the data produced by their own government (that’s the data that suggests that men are victims of DV between 6% and 17% of the time). That’s the Federal Government that gives them 7 billion dollars of your tax payer money each year.

Personally,  I think that when an organisation that receives almost 7 billion in taxpayer funding each year employs advisors with a feminist outlook with nothing to counter balance it that’s when you get hysteria. How many other huge government departments have gender bias built into their structures (aside from my local Police Department). If the peak body for DV associations in NSW has a man-hating agenda, that’ll spread. Attitudes filter down in organisations, not up.

This helps explain why, when I sat down with those two ladies from FACS Lakemba and expressed my concern that my son wasn’t getting proper treatment for his ADHD/OCD and that his mother was smoking meth each fortnight, all they wanted to do was suggest that I had been “controlling” during a conversation I had with Lea some nine years previously. They were calm, but the situation seemed hysterical. My children’s mother had used meth the previous weekend, but they didn’t care. They wanted proof that I was controlling and they were so desperate to get it, they tried discussing a conversation I’d had with Lea a decade earlier.

As a taxpayer, it offends me that my money is being spent on a huge amount of social services that I can’t access because I’m a bloke. I used to think that if I was in trouble that I could call the cops, or if my kids were in trouble that I could call FACS. Seemingly both are a waste of time. If you’re a bloke.

Are FACS and Jannawi colluding? It’s very possible that FACS Lakemba have been influenced by the two organisations that help steer FACS. That’s why they choose to listen to them in the first place. It’s possible that Jannawi have in turn been steered by FACS who finance them. A certain “culture” can easily develop within an organisation and if they are in the business of financing others they can make sure that the culture is continued. 

FACS are funded by the Australian taxpayer. As public servants, they have a responsibility to all of us, even those who are blokes, especially those who are defenseless little boys.

Places like Jannawi love throwing the word holistic about. They’re anything but. However in today’s world, it sounds good if you have that on your web page.

DV NSW claim that “Domestic and family violence requires a comprehensive and integrated professional response”. You’ll find that here: DV NSW don’t help male victims of DV so it’d be wrong to call them holistic. I have issues with their claim that their response to DV is comprehensive and integrated. To be fair, DV NSW were once an organisation that looked after women’s refuges. You wouldn’t expect them to support men. I would expect them to look at their own governments’ statistics and treat what most peer-reviewed reports suggest are the causes behind DV. They don’t. They seem to regard all men as perpetrators and women as victims.

DV NSW are involved in many aspects of DV campaigning. My guess is that they wield a fair bit of influence. It’s unfortunate that they deny that men are victims as that means that their input to any campaign is subject to gender bias. As I’ve said their “core funding” is supplied by……wait for it….FACS! Their 2018/9 annual report doesn’t even list the amount it received from FACS, just a total figure of all income.

Here’s some of the things that they’ve contributed your tax dollars to.

There’s not a single government financed men’s DV refuge in NSW, a state with a population of 7.5 million people. There’s not a single place like Jannawi (which claims to be holistic but in reality is only for women) for blokes.

Surely in a population sample that size, there’s a dozen blokes who, as an example, want to leave their bipolar wives but can’t because they can’t find a place for them and their three small children. There’s gotta be a dozen blokes who are financially tied to their jobs, their towns or the house with the unfortunately mentally ill wife. Blokes who know all too well that if they call the police, it’ll be them who winds up with an AVO against them – meaning that their children will be placed in danger as the children will be left with their mentally unwell wife.

There has to be 12 of those blokes, doesn’t there? In my opinion, therein lies the proof that aside from frontline workers, women who run refuges (for whom I have the utmost respect), the bulk of the DV industry aren’t interested in stopping DV. Not, I suspect, as much as they are in running smear campaigns against men.

Imagine what we could learn from running men’s shelters. Firstly we’d soon know what drives women to be perpetrators (the truth is we already know but let’s pretend that the Australian Institute of Criminology report I just referred to doesn’t exist). I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it’s the same things that the Australian Institute of Criminology report suggested. They are:


Indigenous status


Socio economic status 

Mental health


Drug use, 

Prior offending

Armed with that knowledge, we could start looking at the real issues that affect both genders and stop worrying about men’s “locker room conversations”. Sadly that isn’t going to happen. Those running the DV industry have a separate agenda. That may well explain why they’ve had no success in the last 15 years. I don’t think that they’re really trying.

Some of them are definitely running a smear campaign against men (using our tax money) and they’re winning. The anti-male bias that seems so blatantly prevalent in a selection of organisations that advise FACS may well have made its way into the legal profession. If you’ve read this entire site you’ll know that my female barrister once said that there is a “thing” in the legal community, it’s called “the humiliation of men”. It is humiliating to cop a conviction for stalking for using the word Cunt. More so when the knock – on effect of that successful conviction means that you lose a lot of money and some access to your children.

It would be even more humiliating if you were jailed for a rape accusation when the police failed to check any of the allegations made by the victim. That’s exactly what happened to this man.

Here’s an article about the same guy after the police capitulated and settled for damages out of court.  It’s behind a pay wall and worth the money however if you can’t read it there’s a quote from the guys lawyer below.

I think the most important quotes that you can take from this article are the ones by the victim’s lawyer, Greg Walsh.

He said his client’s experience had been a ‘stark example of … a pattern of ideological bias’ among prosecutors in sexual assault cases.

‘There seems to be a trend that anybody accused of sexual assault must be guilty, which completely overrides the presumption of innocence,’ Mr Walsh said.

‘These are ideologically driven prosecutions — even in the absence of hard evidence — and it is a considerable concern.’

Mr Walsh told the NSW Supreme Court the police and the prosecution had appeared to be so hellbent on prosecuting his client they had ignored critical evidence that the former wife was lying and had failed to test the woman’s allegations at every stage of their investigation.”

Sound familiar? My ordeal is a walk in the park compared to his bloke’s suffering. In both cases the Police acted the same way. FYI, Mascot is NOT my LAC (though it’s not too far away) yet they apparently suffer from the same faults as my local cops, FACS, Jannawi and, I think the Family Court does. Blokes are guilty until proven innocent.

I might be wrong, but it certainly explains the hysteria I’ve encountered in the last few years.