Chapter Eight: A record of all our SMSs and Emails around the time of the AVO.

(See if you can detect the “terrified wife”)

I obtained a list of all of our SMS conversations during the AVO period. I had hoped that it would be used in my defence at the trial.

My Barrister at the time said that they’d be no use. Apparently even victims of domestic violence can appear (in their SMSs) to be overbearing and aggressive.

I later sacked that idiot for different reasons. I think he was wrong. Intimidation is a crime because nefarious characters use it to push people into doing things that they otherwise would not.

I’ve been intimidated by other blokes, gangs of other blokes, gangs of Skinheads, single Skinheads, corrupt police and other groups with seemingly boundless authority. Intimidation does change your behaviour.

These SMSs should give you a good idea as to whether or not Lea was really having panic attacks in my presence.

So if you’re bored, and I mean the kind of bored where you could be on Death Row and the only way you can get the privacy to sharpen a Shiv for your next assault in the men’s shower block is to pretend to be using the prison computer to read my article then go ahead and peruse the SMSs.

I have redacted any information that I considered necessary including names of people, places, photos etc. It doesn’t flow well as far as reading goes but you should get the idea of the sort of relationship Lea and I were having when she was alleging that she was terrified of me and suffering panic attacks when we were in the same room together.

It should also be noted that as soon as I received the Interim AVO I took my father’s advice and instigated a 25 meter buffer zone between us.

I NEVER rang Lea on the phone unless one of our children was in the Emergency Department (which did happen on one occasion).

We still shared the house but would never run into each other during changeover as my father would come over and one party would leave and another would arrive 30 minutes later.

This was intended to prevent Lea from making any further false accusations suggesting that I’d broken the AVO and me winding up being someone’s bitch in Silverwater Prison.

These SMSs along with the emails are all the communication that we had during the AVO period. To state the obvious they’re from my phone so the SMSs that read “sent” are from me, “received” are from Lea.

You be the judge. Of course I’m only joking here. To be a judge you need to be 3000 years old and have a completely unrealistic view on society (including modern vernacular).