Chapter Eleven: Accusations of Paedophilia.

Points to take from this page:

In December 2016 my ex made a straight up accusation about an 84 year old man who was dying of three types of cancer.

I was leaving court after yet another unsuccessful attempt at getting our AVO case heard when I received a series if frantic SMSs from my father.

My children and I were headed to Newcastle to stay with this old guy, my mates father. He had a pool and a waterslide.

My father said that Lea’s new boyfriend (that’s a guy she met in 2016) had an ex girlfriend had been abused by this guy. The abuse happened in 1986.

Sound complex? It’s unbelievable.

We live in the Inner West, he lives in Newcastle, yet Lea’s story was that Lea’s new boyfriend’s ex girlfriend has been abused by my mates dad, around 30 years ago.

The very guy who we’re about to visit for the weekend! Just thinking about it makes me go cross eyed. What are the odds?

It’s almost as though Lea was trying to fuck up a great weekend the kids and I were about to have with this lovely old man and his pool (which had a waterslide).

It was a stinking hot weekend. The words “Bunny Boiler” sprung to mind.

My mate is so upset about this that he has asked that I don’t write anything more about it. The SMSs from my dad are hysterically funny,  but out of respect I will not print them.

Lea later apologised in her affidavit to the Family Court for nearly destroying what was left of this old guys life. Of course nothing happened to her because of that. This will not be the last time you may read this on this web site but women can make the most outrageous and damaging accusations about a man without and fear of reprisals should it become obvious that they’re all just an attempt to destroy your life.

She couldn’t tell us the alleged perpetrators last name nor where he is meant to have lived when the alleged offence took place. She offered no explanation for her behaviour.

Is there a legal term for “Bunny Boiler”?

It was all a very poorly concocted story. This incident points soundly to her willingness to tell anyone anything if she thinks it will help her cause of undermining my relationship with my children..

Accusing a man of being a pedophile is an extremely serious thing.

If Lea would happily destroy a dying old man’s life just to fuck up a weekend I had planned for myself and OUR children imagine what she’d do if she had real purpose. Don’t bother imagining. Read on about her collusion with Jannawi (read Chapter Thirteen: JANNAWI) and FACS (read Chapter Fourteen: FACS) . This was just the beginning.

You might think having undeniable proof that your accuser is a rampant liar would somehow help your odds at winning your AVO case. It didn’t make a lick of difference to mine.

My local police couldn’t give a fuck. The credibility of their sole witness appeared to have no bearing on their decision to pursue the case nor its outcome.

Around this time I believe that she started getting advice or “coaching” on how to go about trashing my reputation without actually making a full blown accusation.

That’s actually the smarter option. Rumours or implications of sexual impropriety can be just as damaging as outright accusations. Spreading a rumour meant that she couldn’t be proven wrong, that’d had already happened once.

If you want to read about how she subtly manipulated a trip to the doctor into something more “unhealthy sounding” read on. It is my belief that this sort of thing was simply the “thin edge of the wedge” when it came to character assassination.

Me having an AVO and then a stalk/intimidate charge would have made her job so much easier. If only I hadn’t drawn that Hitler moustache…….

Here are the ugly details…

I had been concerned that our daughter had been scratching her vagina quite a bit. She was scratching her vagina and pulling her pants down to relieve the itching. This had been going on for more than three months. I suggested that Lea take her to the doctor on a number of occasions. As usual I’m being overbearing, pushy and controlling.

This job normally fell to me as my work hours are more flexible, and I am willing to do it where’s Lea generally couldn’t be bothered, so I took her to my local GP.  

My normal GP, a male, refused to deal with the case (he said “he doesn’t do vaginas, I’ll bet that he’s glad he made that call) and referred me to the female GP in the next room. She wasn’t exactly sure what is was but we agreed to try some Canisten cream.

Some days later Lea took it upon herself to take our daughter to our Paediatric Specialist (at least a 45 or more minute drive one way) to get a one page report on the GPs diagnosis and then visited the same GP I had seen days earlier to discuss the matter.

Lea then sent me a condescending email suggesting that I had subjected my daughter to an unnecessary vaginal examination. It appears below.

A few points………..

Lea did not write the email.

Around this time all of her correspondence was put together by a lawyer that she knew that worked at a large Superannuation company. That’s why it sounds so polished.

If the first vaginal examination was unnecessary why did Lea then drive for an hour and a half return to obtain another one?

I have a lot of trouble with quadratic equations. However my maths is good enough to know that if I subject my daughter to a vaginal examination that makes one examination. If Lea the goes out of her way  to see our Paediatric specialist for a report, that makes two examinations.

I think that kinda negates Lea’s suggestion that the first examination, organised by me, was unnecessary.

FYI each examination takes a few seconds. It’s a quick external examination.

I took  my daughter to the doctor to resolve a health issue that had been around for months.

Lea, the mother who couldn’t previously find the time to take her own daughter to the doctor to resolve this issue, took the better part of half a day to involve two health professionals in an attempt to suggest that I had subjected my daughter to an “unnecessary vaginal examination”, and to get a recommendation for me not to use soap products.

I later learnt that Lea had advised our Paediatric Specialist that she was a victim of domestic violence and almost certainly about the Stalk/DV charges.

Later we’ll read about the accusations in her affidavit (Chapter Twelve: The Sister Hood – Lea’s Affidavit). I’ve been accused of all sorts of violence towards our children by Lea.

I believe with the doctor manipulation described above she was trying to imply that I had been sexually improper with my daughters. I’m speculating that she told these two medical professionals more of that crap than I know about.

Nothing will ever stop me looking after my children. This sort of rubbish makes you have to think twice about taking your own daughters to your local GP.

That’s what it’s meant to do.

This sort of communication is an example of the ‘softly softly” approach to ruining your reputation as well as undermining your ability to take care of your children properly.

Lea’s email appears below.

The report from the pediatric specialist appears below. Note the inclusion of “Family stress and disrupted relationship with carers” and “History of sexualised behaviour” in the list of health concerns for our daughter.

In my less lucid moments I had imagined that my Pediatric Specialist was assisting Lea create a dialogue, a story in which I was a sexual perpetrator. This woman had known me and one of our daughters for at least a year.

Lea, seemingly, managed to convince her that I was being sexually improper with our daughters and I was a perpetrator of domestic violence. Lea may have been going a bit nuts but my daughter and I hadn’t changed at all. This woman has more degrees than a circle yet seems to have bought the story Lea presented. If the allegations of sexual misconduct were true surely our daughter would have shown signs of that, signs that a doctor who saw her every month for years would notice.

Around the time of the AVO the paediatric specialist seemed to commence doing Lea’s bidding.

My “bidding”  theory seemed even more likely as our pediatric specialist seemed very enthusiastic about getting me to agree to allow the children to go to a Child Protection Service called Jannawi.

Jannawi was a service that Lea had recommended to our paediatric specialist during one of their private meetings. Our Pediatric Specialist had, until then, never heard of Jannawi. She failed to get me to agree to give my permission for the children to go to Jannawi. Lea took them regardless. I later complained to FACS about this. There appear to be no laws or guidelines that could stop her, at least none that FACS could be bothered enforcing.

The next chapter “The Sisterhood” covers more on the special relationship Lea seemed to develop with our Pediatric Specialist.

I don’t want to get bogged down in conspiracy theories. This report is probably a valid medical document that just happens to fit Lea’s objective of suggesting that I’ve been sexually improper with my own daughters.  It and the others are heavily redacted for all the obvious reasons.

Just in case you thought I was getting paranoid here’s the last four reports from our (now ex) Pediatric Specialist.

This one dated 3rd Feb 2017 notes Sexualised behaviour. It’s the first report to make such a reference.

This report notes Sexualised behaviour.

This one dated September 2017  (I know that we’ve already seen this report) notes “History of sexualised behaviour”.

This report has a “History of sexualised behaviour”

This one dated January 2018 notes “History of reported sexualised behaviour”. I guess that’s better than an actual History of sexualised behaviour”.

I feel like we’re watering it down here as it’s only a “History of reported sexualised bahaviour”.

This one dated 26th July 2018 has NO sexualised behaviour at all, no reports of it, no history of it. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?  Surely a “History of reported sexualised behaviour” is always going to be a part of a person’s history. The children had been investigated by FACS and were still visiting Jannawi weekly, that shouldn’t have changed their history. There was a history worth reporting in the report made in Jan 2018 but it had disappeared in July 2018.

Now the history of sexualised behaviour has gone completely.

As it so happens July 2018 was around the time that the divorce was all finalised. During negotiations Lea had tried to deny that she had ever tried to fabricate any history of sexualised behaviour in the children or predatory behaviour on my part.  

In my less lucid moments I feel it’s as though our (now former) pediatric specialist had worked in unison with Lea to both stitch me up as a sexual predator and now to help her deny that it ever happened so she can have peace on her terms. The whole Janawi/FACS thing was almost over by now, it had come to nothing,  so she could be sure that I wasn’t any kind of perpetrator so maybe she omitted the concern over “a history of sexualised behaviour’. A history is still a history. Perhaps she was helping Lea try and deny it all happened.

That sounds insane. No one in an office of high standing, no one like a family doctor would tell an outright lie to help their personal agenda or a fellow patient’s agenda.

Beware the Sisterhood, they don’t like AVOs.