Chapter Fifteen: Low level Police corruption. My Divorce/AVO timeline. Or how quickly your life can unravel in the hands of a nasty ex and some corrupt cops.

The computer guy at M police station (called a Techo) ran recovery software on my computer which, among other things, brought back some deleted files that Lea had removed. They are of Lea and the soccer coach. They are not fit for print. I have destroyed the images but have provided a cartoon likeness of a couple of the photos.

Image courtesy of my local Police.

Sometimes when I’m not too lucid I imagine that it all went down like this:

Lea hacked into my Gmail account. To help her cover up that crime the police obtained my computer illegally. They checked it for something to use against me so that they didn’t have to charge Lea for hacking into my Gmail account because that would have hindered her success with the AVO case.

I had made a complaint about the hacking, computer crime reports are called ACORN reports. Initially the police suggested that I had broken the Surveillance Devices ACT 2007. I was contacted by an Inspector Murdoch from M police station. Inspector Murdoch suggested that they chose not to convict myself or Lea as we had both broken the law.

In February 2017 the police ran deleted file recovery software called Recova on my computer. They would have found that Lea had installed her own spyware on my computer over a year earlier. That probably placed a dampener on their attempt to charge me under the Surveillance Devices ACT 2007.

The police changed their bullshit story and suggested that the investigation of the hacking crime had been given to another police station, police station N.

The Head of  Crime at police station N is called Frank Zappa (not his real name). Frank Zappa, Head of Crime at N police station botched the investigation. Frank Zappa (the 70’s musician) took a whole lot of drugs. Frank Zappa, Head of Crime at N police station must have been really high on some good shit as he looked up the wrong IP address. Frank looked up the IP address of a device used in an earlier attempt to hack into my account, an attempt that wasn’t successful. The IP address of the successful hack (below) is registered with Telstra and he could have found the guilty party in a few hours. After “making this mistake” he failed to contact me to let me know the outcome of my ACORN investigation. No one ever contacted me about it until I made a complaint with the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC). Clearly I would have called him out on his bullshit and no hard working cop needs that sort of crap during a shift.

By “accidentally” looking for the owner of the wrong IP address Frank Zappa was able to suggest that he couldn’t find a culprit. The wrong IP address, the one that failed to successfully hack into my Gmail  account was, when last checked, owned by a man in the USA. It was also, however being utilised by a company called Softlayer Technologies. Softlayer Technologies are located in Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW. Even looking at the owner of the wrong IP address would have given Frank or perhaps a more astute cop a great start to their investigation.

Softlayer Technologies offer what I think are high end cloud services among other things. They’re now called IBM Cloud, the very sort of service that Lea’s IT-trained boyfriend Matt South (not his real name) could well have used had he have been a client.

FYI IBM Cloud and or Softlayer technologies have NOTHING to do with any of the crimes discussed here.

During my last conversation with Inspector Murdoch she suggested that if I wanted to I could push for another investigation into the Gmail hacking with Frank Zappa from N police station, however that may inspire some cop to charge me under the Surveillance Devices ACT 2007 for placing spyware on my own computer.

That entire synopsis is obviously rubbish. There’s no way that up to seven police including senior detectives are going to be involved in a corrupt cover up to enable them to allow an alleged victim of DV to get away with a cybercrime. That’s be an insane waste of taxpayers money and, at the same time, it’s a waste of lives that could have been saved by protecting real victims of DV.  I mean the type who can’t get access to the money, resources or cops needed to keep them safe from seriously violent offenders. The facilities that help victims of DV are under resourced and there’s plenty of those sorts of victims.

Here’s the timeline for the theft of my computer and it’s return:

February 2015 Lea advises me that she doesn’t want to sleep with me again, ever.

March 2015 Lea advises me that the marriage is over

November 2015 The AVO period starts. The AVO wasn’t issued until August 2016 but this is when the alleged “behaviour” started. I had cut the cord to the dishwasher.

December 2015 Lea and her IT-trained boyfriend Matt North (not his real name) place spyware on my home computer. It’s only “Team Viewer” but it’s enough to allow him to download my emails.

December 27th 2016 Lea hacks into my Gmail account.

I was notified by Google that someone had tried to hack in. They supplied the IP address that the offender used.

I was notified by Google that someone had successfully hacked in. They supplied the IP address that the offender used. The IP address is above, it’s

30th December 2016 I complete an ACORN report (Google it). That’s the government body that you report cybercrime to. I reported the hacking. According to the police report that was generated after I made a complaint against the police the report was given to police station N (this was because I used my work address and the address fell within N’s local area command or LAC).

17th January, 2017 The ACORN report was suspended without me being advised at all.

This little snippet is from the 6 page report completed by Inspector Murdoch of M Police station in response to my complaint about Police corruption to the LECC (Google it). The report appears below. I didn’t want any correspondence about the report being sent to my home as I was sharing it with Lea. Lea had just stolen my work computer, she’d have no moral issues with stealing my mail. I had it sent to my work address which falls within the LAC of another police station, station N.

You can use any number of hundred of web sites with titles like “what’s my IP” to find out where and IP address comes from and sometimes who it belongs to. The offending IP has always been in NSW. It was never “off shore”. Find a site and try it, just Google something like what’s my IP? Or any variation on that. Type in the IP for the actual successful attempt at hacking into my Gmail account and see what you get.

Here’s one of hundreds of sites that will track an IP.

To make it easy here’s the IP address:

If my, clearly delusional, fantasy was correct then Head of Crime from N police station Frank Zappa clearly did a good job in hiding Lea’s guilt. Due to his “botching” the investigation and not advising me, the complainant, about the completion of the investigation I was unable to set him right despite any drug induced psychosis that he was having. The botched investigation was dropped in January 2017. My AVO and Stalk/Intimidate charge wasn’t in court until July 2017. Having proof that my allegedly terrified ex-wife had systematically attempted to hack my Gmail account until she was successful (she actually made multiple attempts but I don’t have the Google notifications to prove it) and her subsequent conviction may have helped in my AVO case. I’m guessing, in my fantasy, that Frank Zappa was on high on drugs that he forgot to tell me and subsequently I was found guilty of the AVO and Stalk/Intimidate. Thanks for that Frank!

That’s unless yet another cop withheld/delayed information to assist in the conviction of an innocent bloke who’d been accused by a clearly corrupt and vindictive female. That’s the stuff of TV dramas, that never happens in real life.

8th February 2017 Lea steals my work computer and takes it to M police station.

I rang the police station and complained that they had obtained my computer illegally. They denied that they had obtained the computer unlawfully and went on to tell me that the officer that wrote up my AVO was looking into the ACORN report I’d made about the hacking. That seemed like a conflict of interest to me. I report a cyber crime and they give the investigation to the woman who wrote up my AVO. I can’t see how she could act impartially.

The Detective that I spoke to thought that the whole thing was hilarious. He went out of his way to tell me about the ACORN report. I didn’t inquire about it. He offered the information. I hadn’t asked about it because I figured, like my GIPA request, that it would take over a year to  complete.

It’s almost as though everything they did like delay the GIPA information and not tell me about the ACORN report, was designed to withhold from me any information that may have assisted my legal defence.

Just to fill in time as I ramble on here’s an artist’s impression of the sort of image that I saw before doing everything in my power to remove and destroy the images that the Techo from N police station put back on my computer after running a software package called Recova. Recova recovers deleted files so you can see them again. Trust me, there are no hard or digital copies of these sorts of images, to have them might actually be a real crime. I’m sure that the folks at either police station N or M would call it Revenge Porn.

Here’s another cartoon image of the soccer coach. FYI this guy actually seems to own a pair of what appear to be ladies boots that fit his feet? This begs the question “does he do this often?” Why does he own man sized ladies boots? Other than that he’s in my ex wife’s underwear, dress and corset.
Image courtesy of my local Police.

9th February 2017 My lawyer writes a letter to my local police advising them that the computer is my property and as they had no warrant they should return it ASAP. I somehow obtain a very fuzzy copy.

10th February 2017 My lawyer writes to the police again this time pointing out the legislation that concerns the police taking other people’s computers. It’s called the LEPRA Act . Here’s a link…………..

10th February 2017 The police wrote back in an email suggesting that it was unreasonable to expect a response to the correspondence regarding the stolen computer within a day.

15th February 2017 My lawyer wrote to the Commander of the local police also advising him that the computer was indeed my property and that the possession of the computer by the police was in fact theft. Again with the fuzzy.

16th February 2017 A Detective Senior Constable from my local police write to my lawyer advising that he regrets that he yelled at my lawyer the previous night during a telephone discussion. My lawyer had advised me that at one point he had to ask the Detective Senior Constable to “be a little less shouty”. I can only speculate but I’m guessing that a superior officer who gives a shit about police conduct made him write that letter.

It’s nice to see that there’s still at least one cop left who cares about decorum.

17th February 2017 An email is sent to my lawyer advising that the computer has been returned.

17th February 2017 Computer returned to my place of work by two nervous looking Detectives from M police station.

6th July 2017 I lodge a written complaint to the LECCC about the theft of my computer and the lack of impartiality with regards to the ACORN report. The LECC rang me and said that they only look at crimes committed by police that include drug dealing and worse. The LECC gave the complaint to a co worker of the police I was complaining about. Inspector Murdoch (not her real name) from police station M was meant to investigate.

Around the 20th July 2017 I am found guilty of the AVO and of Stalk/Intimidate on account of the SMSs and other acts.

Saturday 28th July 2017 About one week after my trial I was spoken to by Inspector Murdoch (not her real name).

Note how they waited until after my trial before they got back to me about the complaint I made against the Police. That was to ensure I couldn’t bring any of this up in court.

Inspector Murdoch called me and suggested that I had broken the law by placing surveillance software on my own computer and that they were not prosecuting me because Lea had also broken the law by hacking my Gmail account.

This seemed odd because I thought the whole “eye for an eye “ thing went out with the ancient Romans.

Sunday 29th July 2017 The very next day I rang back. I was after the names of all the police involved in this matter so I could submit a GIPA (Freedom of Information) request. Inspector Murdoch had changed her mind about my ACORN report completely. She said that police station N had concluded that they could not determine who had hacked my computer. Police station N never contacted me about this, probably because it’s bullshit. They claimed that the IP address of the successful hack was located in New York. I had already checked. It’s a Telstra IP and it was in Birrong, near Liverpool, NSW.

8th August 2017 I place a GIPA (Freedom of Information) request with the NSW police about my matter. I was concerned about the illegal acquisition of my computer and the lack of impartiality in the investigation of my ACORN report (about the Gmail hacking). As I already stated I had been told that the senior Constable who wrote up my AVO was assigned the job of looking into the ACORN report.

A GIPA request should take less than 6 weeks. The Police asked for an extension to the 3rd October 2017.

They charged me $30 for the GIPA request.

2nd July 2018 The requested GIPA information arrives, that’s about a year after I requested it and about 4 weeks after my appeal in the District Court. Numerous lawyers have assured me that the timing was no accident. The police don’t want you to be able to use their bullshit report as a defence in your appeal in the District Court so they wait until the case is over before supplying the documents.

August 2018 They did refund my $30 because they were late.

The computer they stole belonged to my business. Lea had not had legal access to it for about 4 months. I changed the password when we split. Regardless they claimed that it was a “common computer in a common place” meaning that the police didn’t need a warrant. That was crap. .

I complained to the LECC who gave the matter to another cop from the same station to investigate. As you can imagine they found nothing.

That’s the end of the timeline.

So read on if you’re bored or have the time. I’m talking the type of time management that you might undertake if you’re in the last scene of Mad Max 1 and you’re that bad assed bikie that the road warrior has handcuffed to a car wreck and then engineered an impending fire involving a high-octane fuel in a way that Bear Grills would be jealous of. You’re certain to be burnt alive. Then he says to you….. “You can cut through that chain in 15 minutes, or cut through your ankle in 3, alternatively if you want to read about some ageing inner west dad complain about the police stealing his computer for a few weeks I’ll un cuff you” The details are here………

I should start with this story. I have a friend that I’m particularly fond of. She was a victim of DV throughout her ten year marriage. The spineless grub that used to throw punches into the wall next to her head, among other things, started displaying similar actions to his own children. As always alcohol was a factor. It all came to a head one night and my friend had to extract her children from his house. The local cops put together a plan that involved two local area commands and three or more cops. They caught the low life cunt trying to sneak up on her when she pulled up in her car to get her kids outside his house. In my book those cops are heroes.

I also know a bloke who successfully took out an AVO against a woman that was stalking him at his business. So it can work both ways.

Not so in my Local Area Command (LAC).

Once your ex has established that you’re a perpetrator of DV or a  “perp” as they say in a American crime dramas (and that’s done with an AVO so don’t let anyone take out an AVO on you) it seems that my local area command (LAC) will have a free for all with your civil rights and give the “PINOP” (Person In Need of Protection} the green light to fuck with you and break the law in any way she pleases.

My ex hacked into my Gmail account, downloaded private emails and presented the stolen emails to the Family Court as evidence, seriously. You’d have to be pretty confident about your relationship with the Police to break into someone’s email account, steal some documents and present them as evidence in a court of law. I’m guessing that there’s a relaxed “vibe” about PINOPs committing crimes at my LAC.

Lea and, I’m guessing, her IT trained boyfriend Matt East (not his real name)  placed remote access spyware “Team Viewer” on my work computer at home in December 2015. The executable file was in a folder titled “Lea”.

I’m guessing it was Matt who executed the file making sure it didn’t appear on the list of programs when you hit the “Start Menu” button. I had to Redact some programmes from the menu but Team Viewer isn’t one of them. It should be under “T”.

I discovered the program whilst removing dozens of games my son had placed there late 2018. It was visible on Control Panel/Programmes but not in the start menu. Previously, my wife had stolen the computer from our house and taken it to the local police who then got an official police “Techo” to go through the computer.

It was a work computer and the police had no legal right to take it. Neither did my wife. I had placed two types of Spyware on the computer to see if she was reading my emails as friends head previously reported. For the record one of the spyware packages was in the start menu programmes list, not exactly a clandestine operation on my behalf.

Here you can see Actual Keylogger and my version of Team Viewer, which I had installed after Lea had installed her hidden version. It was my computer to do what I wanted with but even if it hadn’t been I could hardly be accused of being anything but very public in my actions. There’s two types of Spyware in the Start menu. To be honest there was a third spyware programme that you couldn’t see but it’s effectiveness would have been nullified by the two other very obvious programmes.

The police suggested that I had broken the law in adding the spyware. On Saturday the 29th July 2017 Inspector Murdoch (not her real name) from Police Station M rang me to advise that I had broken the Surveillance Devices ACT 2007 by placing spyware on  my own computer. She said that that was the reason Lea wasn’t charged for her Gmail incursion. I was astounded. As I understood the law in NSW doesn’t work like that. You don’t get off on one charge because the victim of your crime has allegedly committed a crime against you.

Lea presented the same story in her affidavit to the Family Court. See below.

It’s almost poetic that Lea found my spyware almost exactly a year after she placed her own spyware on my computer. How cute is that?

To further make the point that it was my computer and not a shared computer here’s a snippet from the many documents that I got when the police finally filled my GIPA request.

In November 2016 Lea was locked out of my computer after I learned that she was downloading my emails. Neither Lea or the police took any action because it was my computer, not a “shared” computer as the document above claims. Remember that Lea once suggested that I had stolen something from her, against the conditions of the AVO,  when I threw out a $2 SIM card. Also the police changed the conditions of my AVO, months before it went to trial, to prohibit me wearing any camera or recording device so I could not defend myself against false accusations. My point is that both Lea and the police were very proactive about getting at me. If they honestly believed that Lea had been locked out of computer that we both owned I’d have probably wound up in Silverwater prison. It would be on my AVO documents at the very least. There’s no way Lea would let this one “go through to the keeper” if she had the slightest bit of ownership to that computer.

Here’s another clue it belonged to me.

This shot of the computer shows that it white writing on the top. The lettering was about 2 cms high in bright white (It has faded in the last 2 years) and included an abbreviation of my company name, an abbreviation of my name and a number to represent its position in my business network. Here’s another photo:

I had to smudge out my personal details but I wrote ABC-ME-01 in lettering that was as bright and as large as the real ones I whited out. My business name, my name and a number. That should have been a clue. FYI the sticker is an evidence room sticker from M police station.

Cop 1: Davo. this computer has the alleged perpetrators business’ name on it, it’s got his name on it, it contains software clearly written specifically for his business because the software contains his business name. It was brought to this police station by a woman who is in the middle of an acrimonious divorce with the alleged perpetrator/computer owner. Do we need a warrant to seize and inspect this piece of personal property?

Cop 2: No mate it’s clearly a public property. If the wife says it’s a family computer, even though she doesn’t know the password to get into it that’s good enough for me.

I didn’t get a response to my complaint to the LECC until a week after I was found guilty of the AVO and Stalk/Intimidate. I let it all go because Lea is after all the mother of my three children. If she gets a criminal charge she could lose her job and that’s not helping anybody. My aim was to show how Lea was doing as many bad things to me as I was to her to assist my AVO case. The police went to extraordinary lengths to cover up her crime. I can only speculate as to their motivation. There were five blokes and two females involved so it’s not their gender. I had no criminal record and my alleged crimes involved drawing a Hitler moustache on a photo so I’m not the most extreme alleged perpetrator of DV that they’ve seen.

I get the impression that they weren’t going to let a man’s innocence get in the way of another DV conviction. I’ll bet that they have a really impressive record of DV convictions at that police station. Particularly if they’re coming down really hard on all the guys drawing Hitler mustaches on other people’s photos.

I got my computer back. I was in my house because I use it to take bookings for my business after hours. It’s unbelievable how many people ring me at 6am to talk shop. It probably cost me between $500 – $1000 in lost income because I couldn’t take bookings whilst the cops had it. It cost thousands in legal fees to get back.

Of all the institutions that I have dealt with in this process the police have been the most disappointing. I quick review of my communication  with Lea will show that she wasn’t scared, it was all BS designed to take my kids away to Newcastle and later to negotiate a better deal with the settlement. I was able to prove that she was a criminal and had hacked my Gmail account and they worked very hard to cover that up. No fewer than seven largely high ranking police officers were involved in the cover up.

The waste of resources is amazing. All that talent, the police knowledge, the know-how, the years of experience involved in a corrupt venture to stitch up a guy whose biggest crime is placing some dog poo in a pillowcase.

This entire battle has been all about my children. I have three kids including two daughters that I love very much. To think that the public is hemorrhaging money into a police force that’s wasting it’s time beefing up DV statistics is sickening.

Personally I’d prefer to see my money spent on policing and anti DV programs that actually work.

I wouldn’t know where to start adding up the cost of seven high ranking police from two Local Area Commands being involved in a corrupt cover up . Financially it has to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. In reality it may have been the life of someone who really needed help.

What inspired the cops to waste their precious skills on a crappy conviction like mine is beyond my comprehension. I sure hope that someone pulls the buggers into line because I don’t ever want to  have to bury one of my children because a bunch of boneheads decided to waste their time stitching up innocent men.

Just for shits and giggles I have gone through the Triage Report that’s the 6 page response to my LECC complaint. The report if full of mistakes and bullshit that I’ve come to know as signature marking for the NSW Police. It’s a six page report nearly 40 paragraphs long. I have placed it all on the one document so that you can reference the various contradictions and BS easily. It’s one huge PDF that should appear as a separate page.

If you’re like me you’ll be thrilled that your tax dollars went into writing this crap.

Here’s the relevant parts of the LEPRA Act. Parts 75A and 75B.