Chapter Sixteen: The Damage Done

Here’s a list of the people involved in Lea’s scam to relocate my children to Newcastle and to quote Lea “get control of the house”.

At least two but probably more Employees of Jannawi. As much as I consider these people to be dangerous and unethical idiots they may have done some good if left to low level jobs aimed at assisting the community.

Two Caseworkers from Lakemba FACS. These two, in my opinion, aren’t much better than their mates at Jannawi but with the correct supervision they might one day do more good than harm.

That’s four “social workers” of sorts.

The Police
Det Senior Constable Name Withheld (the Shouty Man)
Senior Detective Name Withheld
Some other cop who was CCd into an email Name Withheld
Senior Detective Name Withheld
Senior Constable/DVLO Name Withheld

The Police Prosecutor/Name Withheld
Senior Detective/Name Withheld

Sergeant Frank Zappa (not his real name) Head of Crime N police station

That’s 8 police. The most lowly one with the exception of “Some other cop, title unknown, he was CCD in on an email” seems to be a senior Constable. That’s a LOT of police power and knowledge.

One Family Court Judge and associated staff. Had my children not been taken to Jannawi I would never had gone to the Family Court.

All of N Courthouse staff. I attended the courthouse five times before my case was heard. It would be hard to fathom the cost to the legal system and the taxpayer. All you hear about the courts is that they’re backed up with cases and magistrates are overworked. How on earth would they cope if we caught all the guys drawing mustaches on other people’s photos?

Parts of The District Court Staff

That’s a whole lot of resources wasted on one person’s personal mission. Lea never got to take the children to Newcastle. Lea did get about 64% custody and if you work it out on a pro rata basis had she been given 50% then she would have received just over $100,000 less than she did. This was all over $100,000 or so.

I reckon that if you could work out all of the work hours wasted on Lea’s project the bill to the taxpayer would be a lot more than $100,000.

And ask yourself “were all those resources used wisely? Or should we look for a better system to ensure that we’re not wasting lives, taxpayers money and scarce resources”