Chapter Five: After over half a century of being crime free I became a criminal.

Here’s the statement for my Stalking/Intimidate charge and my AVO.

They’re the same document.

They ran the cases side by side, as it were, in the court. It’s all pretty much the same stuff in the two previous AVOs minus some of the really trivial stuff.

I’m guessing to make it look a lot more serious they removed the stuff about the Hitler moustache and me suggesting Lea had Munchausen syndrome.

They left in a bunch of negative comments made by one of Lea’s friends. Clearly she’s not a fan of mine.

Legal boffins will know that that sort of stuff shouldn’t be seen by the magistrate in case it bias’ their view. My side (the defence) hadn’t even seen this document until the day in court. We allowed it nonetheless. I didn’t want to have to pay my barrister to return to court another time.

It’s exceptionally dull reading, mainly because you  have probably already read about it all, twice. It would be remiss of me not to include it.

Also there are some juicy photos. Read on if you want the details…..