Chapter Four: Here’s the second statement along with comments.

A few things are painfully obvious when you read this AVO.

The Police seemed to redraft to include more serious offences. I suspect that they don’t like blokes that plead not guilty.

The program the Police use to write up AVOs has no spell checker. Psycologist without an “h”, really? (point 14).

Pleading not guilty is like poking a hornet’s nest.

They came at me with a second AVO that became a stalking charge. The second AVO was redrafted to sound a lot worse than the first one. They dropped the comment about Munchausen syndrome.

I don’t think my local cops are happy with people who plead “not guilty”. It was my experience that if you plead guilty to charges like accusing your wife of having Munchausen syndrome it can make sure that you can see a lot less of your children than you might like to.

No matter what I said that I had done I was going to be found Guilty of the AVO and Stalk/Intimidate in my local court. Pleading Not Guilty to the Stalk/Intimidate meant that I got to go to The District Court and appear before a decent judge where the conviction wasn’t recorded. Your local court is the lowest court, the district court is a higher court meaning normally a better standard of adjudication.

Therein lies the danger. You can get an AVO for almost anything if your local LAC want or if your ex partner is a good enough bullshit artist. That will put you in a very weak position if you go before The Family Court. It can stop you being a part of your children’s lives.  My trip to the district court got rid of my Stalk/intimidate charge but not my AVO. I still risked losing my children but I was no longer a criminal. It cost me just under $20,000.

If you read the AVO you’ll how much can simply be fabricated. All of it can be fabricated. And it can stop you seeing your kids. Want more…