Chapter Nine: Things that my ex has done to me during and since the AVO.

Women can shit all over you in the family court process and you’re barely allowed to wipe yourself afterwards.

I hate this bit. It’s hard to convey the facts around what happened to me without making it all sound like one big whinge.

To understand the frivolous nature of the accusations in the AVO you need to know what was going on in the house we were sharing.

We had both been cast out of a relationship that had lasted 14 years.

Lea, at least, saw it coming. Emotions were raw. We had three very little fragile children.

I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. I feel that I can say with certainty that Lea didn’t either.

Points to take from this page:

The things happening between me and my ex were “tit for tat”. No one person was fearful of the other. We were on an even keel until she got the unlimited support of the LAC (Local Area Command-local cops) allowing her to get away with doing unlawful things to me.

When your marriage ends abruptly with your ex having an affair with a guy you know well, instead of picking from the million of strangers that she could have met on Tinder it’s not going to be smooth sailing.

It’s clear that she didn’t want it to be smooth sailing or she would have picked her new lover from Tinder.

The period of my AVO allegations spanned November 2015 – July 2016. That’s nine months. Within 1 month of that period Lea had committed a cyber crime against me. Lea had her boyfriend install Spyware on my work computer in December 2015.

The Cops buried that, more on that later (read Chapter Fifteen: Low Level Police Corruption) . Lea was no victim. Clearly the pressure in our house was building and we both felt it.

We both did illegal things, we both did dumb things, we both acted foolishly because we felt the pressure we were under.

Only one of us got punished and now has less access to their children as a result.

It seemed to me to be virtually impossible for me to get The Police to give a fuck about anything Lea did. Read the chapter on the Police (read Chapter Fifteen: Low Level Police Corruption) and you‘ll see how the Police actually helped Lea avoid a conviction for hacking my Gmail account.

Also, if she has an AVO against you she can shit all over you when it comes to financial matters.

So if you’re in this for the long haul here’s my list of complaints about piss ant stuff Lea did…

1)   Lea hacked my GMAIL account and downloaded personal emails. Lea later included these stolen emails in her Affidavit to The Family Court. Seriously. No one even mentioned it. If you do end up taking a journey like mine you will be amazed with what women can get away with.

2) Has stolen my work computer from our  house and given it to the Police who went to all sorts of lengths to protect her from the hacking crime (read Chapter Fifteen: Low Level Police Corruption).  

3) Has kidnapped my son from Rivendell when he was doing a course. I was meant to pick him up. Lea had gone into the classroom, removed him and taken him to his secret place on the banks of the Parramatta River. I found them both after a 15 minute search. I honestly think that at this point she was doing things to coax a negative reaction out of me for the AVO.

4) As a footnote to point three when I did find them I was extremely calm, I filmed the entire conversation cor my own safety. Lea handed dover our son and I took him to school. At our next court meeting we didn’t get time to hear the case but the Police did add a condition to my AVO saying that I couldn’t film any more conversations. The left me defenseless against Lea’s false accusations which I guess was the intention.

4) Has accused a good friend’s father of Peadophilia. She later apologised for this in her affidavit to the family court.   

5) Upon finding out that I was taking my kids and my girlfriends kids to Indoor Skydiving she went to our home and threw out EVERY pair of covered shoes in the house. Those shoes had cost me hundreds of dollars. She knows that you need covered shoes to go Indoor Skydiving.

6)  Has taken my children to a Child Protection Service called Jannawi without my knowledge and against my wishes. In my opinion the staff at Jannawi are as corrupt as they are bias. They asked my two daughters direct and leading questions in an attempt to stitch me up as a paedophile. Jannawi were a big part in her sinister plan.  More on that later. (read Chapter Thirteen: JANNAWI)

There’s more but I fear that any reader getting this far may die from boredom if I carry on.

What’s important to note is that there was a lot of argy bargy between us both. It was a two way street.

My experience of the AVO process is that’s it’s a one way street.

The Police were too corrupt to give me an AVO against Lea. You can obtain private AVOs in the courts without the Police. I wanted one for the Gmail hacking but my Barrister said I shouldn’t do it unless it made me look like a bully.

When you have an AVO you’re in a really weak bargaining position when it comes to sharing costs. Lea has..

1)   Has refused to pay for any costs involved in taking our son to an occupational therapist every week for a year.

2)  Refused to contribute to the costs of taking any of our kids to weekly swimming lessons for over a year.

3)  Has refused to pay for any dental care for our children (it’ snow 2019 and she still hasn’t).

4)  Has thrown out two good floatation vests knowing full well that I was taking our kids to the coast on a holiday and was going to use them shortly. They cost $100 to replace.

5) Has implied that she might report me for theft because I threw out a disused SIM card at a Telstra store. Read “The SIM card conversation” (read Chapter Ten: The SIM Card Conversation). I had to ring the staff up and ask them to go through the bin and look for the card. Seriously. With the local police happy to steal my work computer to help her avoid conviction for her illegal intrusion into my Gmail account I wasn’t taking any chances. I returned the card, she never used it.

10)  Refused to pay for any veterinary care for our two dogs.

11) Has refused to pay me back any of the 88 days of childminding I did for her when we first separated. She was out on Tinder dates and working, I was at home in shock. This was well before we were in a custody struggle.

For a long time straight after the separation it seemed that the money, favours and work were all going from me to Lea. Once the AVO started they were never going to return. You can’t “demand” your fair share of what’s owed without looking like a violent brute. Lea was well aware of that.

I could provide copies of emails etc to support this but it would get beyond boring.