Chapter Seven: Here’s why I reckon my ex really took out an AVO.

In one witness statement I obtained for my AVO case where the witness states that Lea said she wanted the AVO to “take control of the house” that we were selling and use the money to relocate her and the children to Newcastle.

I’m confident that this is true. Lea wanted to get a bigger slice of the pie when we sold our house and to try and sully my reputation so that she could get my permission to move to Newcastle or so that I wouldn’t put up a fight when she tried to take the children to live in Newcastle.

Incidentally the AVO was only the start of my character assassination. It was followed up by taking the children to a Child Protection Service (Jannawi) and having them engage FACS who launched an investigation into my children. It all amounted to nothing but a waste of the taxpayers money. Lea did manage to damage my reputation at my children’s school. There are still teachers there who refuse to talk to me.

Want the details? Read on………………………

During my AVO trial a friend made a written statement about a conversation she had with Lea. It explains a bit about what her real intentions were.

We couldn’t use the statement in my trial as the rules of evidence are such that the comment that the statement is about must have been made during the time of the alleged offences. That’s roughly between November 2015 and August 2016. The statement came to us in 2017 so it was unable to be used in the trial.

I doubt that it would have made a difference anyway.

From the statement it seems that Lea wanted “control of the house” and the money it would bring and be able to move to Newcastle where her parents live. I really believe that all of this crap was about her shaming me to the point that I would agree to her taking the children away from Sydney.

Had Lea established a rumour that I was a paedophile around my local school there’s no way that I could have continued to live in that suburb. I would have had to go into hiding.

Lea could then have easily taken the children to Newcastle. This would have meant that some other bloke or a series of blokes would have raised my three children. I have run the same business for over 20 years, I can’t operate my business outside of Sydney For me moving to Newcastle would be financial suicide. I’d have to find a new job/trade. The idea of not being a big part of my children’s lives is devastating.

Lea and I had a mutual friend who’s girlfriend made the statement. They were appalled that Lea was reading my emails and Lea was so rude to them in January 2017 that they haven’t spoken to her since.

Our friend made the statement because she thought Lea’s treatment of me was  unfair.

As I have previously stated I can only speculate that Lea’s aim was to damage my reputation so badly and humiliate me so much I or the courts would agree to her moving to Newcastle.

She almost succeeded. She took my children to a Child Protection Service in Wiley park  called Jannawi. There’s a whole chapter on Jannawi coming up. (Chapter Thirteen: Jannawi)

My experience with Jannawi is that the staff there are a very dangerous and unethical bunch of people. Jannawi and their mates at FACS Lakemba went some way to destroying my reputation. I believe that they would have gone a lot further had I not fought back.

I’ve redacted any information that would reveal my children’s or Lea’s true identities.

Newsbreak. Whilst speaking to the “mutual friend” mentioned above, the guy whose girlfriend made the statement I found this out. Our mutual friend and Lea were in a sort of meditation group. Lea had wanted him to make a statement for her AVO as per the statement below. She pressured him so much that he refused to work/meditate with her again. She rang him to enquire why he wouldn’t work with her again. He said he’d pop around to her house to discuss it. Then it began. She started crying over the phone about the domestic abuse (DV) she’d suffered. He said that had he not known us both for over 15 years he may have believed her. He described it as some “real Oscar winning shit!”. Later she decided that this friend shouldn’t come over to her house because she felt “intimidated by his behaviour”. She wanted to meet in a public place as she was scared. He recognised the language she was using, she was setting him up for an AVO. He’s known me for 25 years and he saw her set me up.

He blocked her number and never spoke to her again.

This event took place in 2016. I found out about it mid 2018.

Here’s the statement from my mate’s now ex girlfriend.

I like to drink heavily when I redact, who doesn’t? I use the “eraser” function in Photoshop. My Mouse control is a little clumsy. The truth is out there, in fact it’s just here.