Chapter Ten: The SIM card conversation. How Lea felt confident enough to push me around yet still claimed to be scared of me when interviewed by a family court expert.

This how silly things can get when she has an AVO on you and the local cops are on her side.

Points to take from this page:

This how silly things can get when she has an AVO on you and the local cops have shown a keen desire to break the law to get at you. If they’ll charge you with a criminal offence for using the word “cock” imagine what they’d do if you actually stole something from your ex, like her SIM card. Typically SIM cards are free but occasionally they’re charged out at $2 a piece. It’s a brief and amusing read.

Keep an eye out for her “anxious feelings” as she reported in the attached paragraph from a report completed by a “Family Court Expert” in February 2018. I am, as usual, being brutally overbearing. Clearly I need jail time.  I’m being facetious. This whole exchange took place around August 2017, the same time my AVO actually went to court. Unbelievably she still insisted on a court appointed protector in the courtroom. Tax dollars well spent I say.

Here are the details….

Here’s a paragraph from a report completed by a “Family Court Expert” in February 2018.

In August 2016, at the tail end of the AVO period, Lea made me return a SIM card I had thrown out. I had to ask the guys from my local Telstra Shop to go through their garbage to look for an old SIM card (hers) that may have been worth $2.

At this point the Police had “buried” her crime of hacking my Gmail account, they had found Spyware that she had placed on my computer (though I wasn’t aware of that in 2016) and they had helped her steal my computer. She must have felt quite confident in her ability to tell a good story with all of that going on. So much so she makes a big deal of a SIM card, seemingly, just for fun.

In February 2018, 28 months after the start of the AVO period, before a Family Court appointed family expert she is quoted as saying “I still have anxious feelings in his presence”. I can’t sense any anxiety in her SMSs about the SIM card.

It’s hard to remain calm in the face of the Family Court. The entire system is so fucking useless. It seems obvious to me that Lea is lying about being scared of me, it would seem obvious to anyone, if they were looking. The system is broken and it can take your children away from you, if you’re a bloke.

For those of you wondering “why didn’t he just bring this up in court?”. The Family Court is a series of “half days’ arranging the sale and distribution of marital property etc. The big battle is at least a three day event worth well over $50,000 to each party and my advice was that I would lose due to the AVO. Just that, the AVO. AVOs are a very dangerous weapon for a woman to wield in the Family Court.

I wouldn’t do anything to lessen the safety of any female given this nation’s love of wife beating. It’d be great if there were some checks and balances in the AVO/Family Court process.