Chapter Three: I got an AVO. My first.

The acts that I just outlined might seem trivial in light of my circumstances. I never laid a hand on Lea nor did I even scream at her. Not once! I tend to bottle up my rage which has its own set of problems but violent outbursts isn’t one of them.

Your Local Area Command (local cops herein referred to as your LAC) may not care. The LAC updated the AVO twice presumably to build a better case.

Some of the “crimes” I had committed in the first AVO included weighing the dog shit I had to collect every Wednesday when it became my turn to live in the house and recording it on a “poo chart” to make light of the “poo conflict” in front of my children. I did that twice. It was a practical joke aimed at helping my kids cope with the acrimony between their parents. Your local LAC may consider any such act as an act of intimidation.

The Poo Chart, drawing a Hitler moustache on my wife’s photo and suggesting that my wife had Munchausen syndrome are three of the more ridiculous things that were at one stage part of the statements for my AVOs. They may not have made the final cut but they were considered worthy of an AVO at some point.

My experience of the legal system is that they don’t differentiate between an AVO comprised of trivial acts and an AVO for violent acts. An AVO for suggesting that she has “Munchausen syndrome” and an AVO for threatening to smash your partner’s head in on her voicemail  are considered the same. Any AVO can stop you sharing in your children’s lives.

I did all the things cited in the AVO with the exception of the claims of emotional bullying, demanding apologies whilst she broke down and had a panic attack (I have never seen Lea have a panic attack in 10 years of marriage), withholding money etc. You only have to read our SMSs or look at the things she’s done to me to see that Lea’s not intimidated by me.

Here’s Lea’s first statement with comments…

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This is what the prosecution alleged was a penis and a person’s name.